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FM-080 Divorce with Children: What to do with these Court Forms

This is not a form to fill out, it is an instruction sheet about how to fill out the Maine court forms for a divorce case with children
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FM-004 Complaint for Divorce (with children)

The Maine court form for filing for divorce if you have children.
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CV/CR/FM/PC-200 Social Security Number Confidential Disclosure Form

A form used to disclose Social Security Numbers for certain court cases, including family law cases, but keeping those SSNs confidential
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FM-002 Confidential Family Matter Summary Sheet

Maine court form FM-002 - Confidential Family Matter Summary Sheet
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Powers of Attorney in Maine

What is a Power of Attorney? Where can I learn more about Powers of Attorney in Maine?

Divorce & Parental Rights

This page links to all of our divorce and parental rights form kits. We have put together several forms kits - they have all the forms you will need for certain kinds of divorce or parental rights and responsibilities cases. You can use these kits, or you can find a particular form you need from the All Court Forms page.
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Maine Sexual Assault Resources: Child Sexual Abuse & Normal Child Sexual Behavior

How do I know if my child’s sexual behavior is normal or a sign of abuse?  As a caregiver, you may be worried about a child if they start displaying sexualized behaviors. Your instinct may be to think something has happened to the child, but that is not always the case. Some child sexualized behavior is healthy.
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Maine Child Protection: What happens when DHHS investigates a household?

This is the second part of our guide to Child Protection proceedings in Maine. It covers what can happen when DHHS investigates a household because they believe that a child may be at risk of being harmed.
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Maine Child Protection: What does DHHS do when they get a complaint of child abuse?

This guide is the first in a series about what happens when DHHS gets involved with families. This guide covers the very first steps in the Maine Child Protection process - our other guides cover later parts of this process. If you are in a situation where DHHS is becoming involved with your family, start here.
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Healthcare Resources for Maine Children Who Have Experienced Violence

How does domestic violence affect children? Violence and trauma can have long-lasting effects on children who witness or experience violent events.