Divorce & Parental Rights

November 2020 Notice: The Court has recently updated many family law forms! We are in the process of updating our forms, to match. In the meantime, please check with the Maine Court's website for the most up-to-date forms.

We have put together several forms kits - they have all the forms you will need for certain kinds of divorce or parental rights and responsibilities cases. You can use these kits, or you can find a particular form you need from the All Court Forms page. 

Divorce Forms

Divorce with Children: Maine Forms Kit

Divorce (without children): Maine Forms Kit

If You are the Defendant in a Family Law Case: Maine Forms Kit

Parental Rights and Responsibilities Forms

Parental Rights and Responsibilities: Maine Forms Kit

Forms for Modifying or Enforcing Divorce or Parental Rights Orders

Motion to Modify: Maine Forms Kit

Motion to Enforce: Maine Forms Kit

Motion for Contempt: Maine Forms Kit