Time Commitment

The time commitment for the Wills for Heroes program is about 7 hours, including the 2 hour training. The training video is available on-demand. CLE credit is available for the training. The time commitment for extended representation cases varies by case type.

How it works

  • In the Wills for Heroes program, participating pro bono attorneys receive a CLE training which provides an overview of wills and healthcare and financial powers of attorney.  
  • Pine Tree staff intake and screen cases for pro bono referrals.  
  • Pine Tree refers individual cases to pro bono attorneys who have taken the training or otherwise agreed to accept simple wills and estate planning cases for veterans.  
  • The pro bono attorney drafts the will or other legal documents for the veteran and notifies Pine Tree upon completion.
  • In extended representation cases, volunteers provide full representation to a veteran in their area of expertise.
  • Pine Tree staff support and mentor volunteers as needed.


  • Volunteers expand Pine Tree’s capacity to offer accessible services to veterans and their family members.
  • These opportunities are designed to meet the needs of Maine veterans while also providing time-limited and discrete opportunities for pro bono attorneys to get involved.  
  • Volunteers can assist veterans and their families in their areas of expertise or attend a training to expand their skills.  
  • Pine Tree provides malpractice insurance, training, support for pro bono attorneys and tracks pro bono credit hours.