Maine Fair Housing Newsletter

The Fair Housing Newsletter is a publication of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, through the Fair Housing Initiative Program, Maine. It covers important fair housing information and developments, and highlights other fair housing resources.

Gastos de Transporte

GASTOS DE TRANSPORTE Su contrato H-2A indica que debe devolvérsele el dinero que gaste en conseguir su visa y por su viaje a Estados Unidos, lo cual incluye: 1) el transporte de su pueblo hasta el consulado de EE.

H-2A: Médico A Costo Conveniente

Introducción a las opciones de cuidado de salud asequible para los trabajadores H2A , incluyendo seguros y Emergency Medicaid

H-2A: Health Care

Introduction to affordable health care options for H2A workers, including insurance and emergency Medicaid.

Farmworker News

Welcome to our Farmworker News homepage - this is where we post our latest newsletters. Visit our Farmworker Unit to learn more about our work and for more resources!

Heat Illness

Information for Agricultural Workers from PTLA's Farmworker Unit: The sun and heat can be dangerous. Protect your health. Drink water before you feel thirsty.

Health Insurance

There is a new law in the United States about health insurance.  Under this law, many people who are in the United States legally (including some H-2A workers) will be required to buy health insurance.  

Wabanaki and Quinnehtuhqut Legal News

The Wabanaki Legal News is published by Pine Tree Legal Assistance - focusing on news of special interest to Native Americans in Maine. We also publish the Quinnehtuhqut Legal News - a newsletter for Native Americans in Connecticut.

Quinnehtuhqut Legal News

The Quinnehtuhqut Legal News is a newsletter for Native Americans in Connecticut published by Pine Tree Legal Assistance.  The Summer 2014 edition (.pdf) includes articles on these topics:

What to Do if You are Denied Entry to Canada Because of a Past Criminal Conviction

This document is for U.S. citizens only. It is not meant to be legal advice. For more help with this issue, tribal members may call PTLA Native American Unit at: 1-877-213-5630.