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Maine Zoom Mediation in Family Matters

Posted and up-to-date 8/2022
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SC-007 Notice of Appeal

The Maine small claims court form for a plaintiff to appeal a small claims case to the Superior Court.
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CR-032 Preliminary Motion for Assignment of Counsel, Affidavit and Release

Defendants in more serious criminal matters (where jail term could result) can use this form to apply for a free court-appointed lawyer.
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CV-030 Summons (not interactive)

This is a Maine civil summons. This form is not fillable because the Civil Rules require you to use an original summons from the clerk's office. We post this form for informational purposes only.
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CV-ES Notice Regarding Electronic Service

A notice about the new Maine electronic service requirements
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CV-173 Verification of Service by Publication

The Maine court form for verifying that service by publication has been completed
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CV-172 Newspaper Cover Letter for Service by Publication

The Maine court form for carrying out service by publication.
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CV-CR-166 Motion for Transcript at State Expense

This is the Maine court form for requesting the state pays the cost of a court hearing transcript ordered with CV-CR-165
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CV-CR-165 Transcript Order

The Maine court form for ordering a transcript of a court hearing or hearings. This must be filed with CV-CR-162 Notice of Appeal
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CV-CR-162 Notice of Appeal

The Maine court form for filing a notice for appeal from criminal or civil court decisions