RePresent: A game for people going to court without a lawyer

Going to court without a lawyer?

If you're going to court without a lawyer, you can practice representing yourself by playing RePresent. You’ll learn how to prepare for court, what happens in court on the day of your hearing, and how to present evidence and cross-examine the other person in your case.

Going to court for an eviction?

If you have an eviction hearing coming up, or are worried about being evicted, we have a new game: RePresent: Renter!

A cartoon graphic - an older, bearded man wearing judge's robes stands on a gameshow stage, with a young woman behind a game show podium scoreboard. The text on the image reads: "Are you facing eviction? Practice your legal skills and learn about evictions. Play our legal game, Represent: Renter" Click on the image to go to the game page.

On mobile?

If you're on a mobile phone, you can get the app here:


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