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Una Guía de Maine: Cómo Hacer Que Le Devuelvan su Depósito de Alquiler– Y Qué Hacer Cuando No

Para que le devuelvan el depósito usted deberá ser capaz de demostrar:

  1. Que usted pagó su depósito de alquiler, y
  2. Que no causó ningún daño al apartamento, casa o tráiler que alquiló, más allá del normal uso y desgaste.

Estos son los pasos que usted debe seguir para asegurarse de probar las anteriores condiciones:

Rights of Maine Renters: How to get your security deposit back - and what to do if you don't

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This classroom will walk you through the basics of security deposits in Maine, from what you should do before you move in, to what you can do if you don't get your deposit back when you move out. It explains what security deposits are, and steps you can take to make sure you get your deposit back when you move out.

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You may use this classroom if:

Maine Tenant's Request for Security Deposit Account Information

Court Form Category

Maine tenants can use this form letter to request information from their landlord about where their security deposit is being held.

Maine law requires a landlord to hold tenants' security deposits in a separate bank account. The purpose is to put your security deposit outside the reach of the landlord's creditors.  So if your landlord is sued or foreclosed upon or declares bankruptcy, your deposit is safe.