HelpMELaw has Retired

Hello and welcome to, the website of Pine Tree Legal Assistance! We are a statewide civil legal aid organization serving the state of Maine.

We know you were expecting - and we wanted to let you know that after a long career meeting the legal needs of people in Maine, has retired. was a website run by PTLA for many years, but it had gotten out of date, and we have been focusing our work on this site, We didn't want to confuse anyone with the old site, so we have taken it down and directed all web traffic here. You can find the same great resources, information, and more here at! 

You can find information about how to contact Pine Tree Legal Assistance for help on our Contact page.

You can find our full library of easy to read self-help legal resources and guides from our homepage, or in the 'Self Help' tab of the site menu.

Not sure where to start? You can use our 'Guide to Legal Help' tool to answer a few questions and find the best resources for your situation.