Acknowledging and Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Pine Tree Legal Assistance acknowledges and celebrates each November as Native American Heritage Month.  The work of our Indigenous Peoples Unit is important to our work promoting fairness and justice for all.  We are committed to finding a better path forward to support Indigenous communities in their work for sovereignty and self-determination. 

Our organization is centered on seven core values that are essential to our approach: Respect, Optimism, Impact, Professionalism, Monitoring for Results, Ownership, and Sustainability.  These values will continue to guide us in our commitment to addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

“For millennia before Europeans settled in North America, the Indigenous Peoples of this continent flourished with vibrant cultures and were the original stewards of the land. From generation to generation, they handed down invaluable cultural knowledge and rich traditions, which continue to thrive in Native American communities across our country today. During National Native American Heritage Month, we honor and celebrate their importance to our great Nation and our world.” – from President Barack Obama’s proclamation on October 29, 2010.


Updated: March 2024