Using HotDocs Automated Document Assembly Program

We have developed several streamlined "HotDocs interviews." This is an "automated document assembly" program. It uses your answers to a series of questions to populate the empty fields on a court form. We've also used this technology to estimate the amount food supplements (SNAP) you may qualify to receive. 

Here are some tips for using our HotDocs interviews:

  1. Browser requirements. You can use an Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browser.  The system works best with an updated browser.  It does not support some older browsers or mobile. 
  2. Basics about the using the HotDocs interview website. When you follow a link to go to an "interview," you will be traveling to a national legal services website: LawHelp Interactive. This site is secure. No one can see the information that you enter there. (Find footer link to privacy policy here.) You can enter the site in one of two ways:
    • Log on. If you create a name and password for yourself, you will be able to save your information on the website's server. Again, your answers are private; only you can see them. Logging in has two advantages: 1) You can come back later and view your earlier answers, add to them, or change them; 2) If you are preparing a series of court forms, some of your answers will be used to populate more than one form. So, if you are preparing several forms that all require your name, you will only have to type in your name once and it will appear on all your forms.
    • Do not log on.You do not have to log on. You can go straight to an interview, answer the questions, then view your form. If you choose this option, your answers will not be saved. But you can still download, print or email your completed form.
  3. Secure/non-secure pop-up notice. Next you will be asked to agree to the site rules. You can review and "agree." Next, you may see a pop-up window that asks you if you want to view only unsecured data; it is safe to say "no."
  4. During the interview. Next you will be asked a series of questions. Just type in your answers, or choose your answer from a dropdown menu when one is offered. Sometimes you will see light bulb icons that you can click on for help. Also, you'll sometimes see help information at the bottom of your screen. Make sure that you are seeing all of the questions and fields. You may want to enlarge your screen using the enlarge icon in the upper right hand corner, to make sure that you are seeing all of the questions and answer fields. Or you can scroll down or to the right, to make sure questions or answer fields aren't hidden from your view.
  5. End of interview. When you have answered all of the questions, you will be prompted to open your form for viewing. You can view it, print it, or save it to your computer. If logged in, you can also save your answers.

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Updated July 2016