Protection From Abuse: Maine Court Forms

February 2021 Notice: The Court has recently updated many forms - and will be updating many more as electronic filing expands! We do our best to stay on top of all of these changes, please check with the Maine Court's website for the most up-to-date forms. If you find a form here that is out of date or incorrect, please let us know!

Important Notice: Doing your own court case without a lawyer is not always a good idea. Before going ahead, you may want to ask for advice and support from your nearest domestic violence project. And we suggest that you read Protection from Abuse: How the Law Works in Maine.

To get your case into court, you must fill out and file certain court forms. Here is a list of the forms you will need to get your case started. 

We offer two options for preparing your court forms. See the chart below.

  1. Fillable forms. These are our older .pdf forms. You can fill them out online, then print. Or you can print, then fill them out by hand. These work best with an updated version of Adobe Reader. Get more details on using fillable .pdf forms
  2. HotDocs interviews. This is a newer way to prepare your forms. It may be easier for you. The links will send you to an online interview on another trustworthy website. You just answer the questions, then print out your forms. We encourage you to try them out and let us know how they work for you. More technical details here

PA-001 Complaint for Protection from Abuse

Get fillable .pdf form

PA-005 Protection Order Service Information

Get fillable .pdf form

PA-015 Affidavit for Confidential Address (Use this form if you don't want the abuser to know your address.)

Get fillable .pdf form


PA-017 False Statement Notice to Plaintiff (Needs to be signed by the person filing the PFA (the Plaintiff), and notarized)

Get .pdf form  
FM-050 Child Support Affidavit (Use this form if you are asking the court to order child support.) Get fillable .pdf self-calculating form



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View Non-English Protection from Abuse forms

Warning: You must file these forms in English. These translated forms are only for guidance. The court will not accept non-English forms.