What is an interim hearing? Do I need to have one?

What is an interim hearing? Do I need to have one? admin Wed, 05/20/2020 - 11:49

When there are urgent issues that need to be addressed before your case is finished, you may want to ask for an “expedited interim hearing.” An interim hearing is not held in every case, but it can happen at any stage before a final hearing if and when it is needed. The court considers many factors when deciding whether or not to hold an interim hearing. For example, the court may decide to have an interim hearing if your child will be hurt by the delay, or a delay will make it harder for the court to later make a full and fair decision. You can ask the Magistrate for an interim hearing or fill out and file this form: FM-218 Motion for Expedited Hearing. Make sure to keep a copy of the form for your records and send the other parent a copy when you file it with the court.

An interim hearing is a formal court hearing. The Judge or Magistrate will hear each side. You can speak for yourself, bring witnesses, and present documents. Court rules of evidence and procedure are followed.

View our short family matter hearing videos to get more tips on how formal court hearings work.

After the hearing, the Judge or Magistrate will give an interim order (a temporary order). Both you and the other parent will need to follow the interim order until your final court hearing.