July 2016 Notice: We have posted a fillable versions of: FM-002 Family Matter Summary Sheet 6/16, FM-004 Divorce Complaint with Children 6/16, FM 006 Paternity, Parental Rights 6/16, FM-186 Answer and Counterclaim for Divorce 6/16, and FM-216 Uncontested Joint Petition for Pre-Birth Determination of Parentage 6/16.These are the forms you will need to start a court case. We post forms for the most common types of family law cases (divorce and parental rights), protection from abuse, protection from harassment, small claims, name change and guardianship of a minor.

Follow one of the links below if you need to find out what forms to file for a particular kind of case. If you already know what forms you need, go to "all court forms" list.

Court Forms